PT Tridaya Eramina Bahari, Rising Star Seafood Exporter From Jakarta

Global seafood market is very interisting for some Indonesian businessman. One among Indonesian company that now intens to develop international market is PT Tridaya Eramina Bahari, which is one of Indonesian fishery exporters. Tridaya, the company was founded by Dayat Suntoro. Currently Tridaya able to export at least 7 containers monthly. Fish products that are exported not only the type of sea fish, but also certain fish from aquaculture, particularly catfish.

Before starting up his own businesses, Dayat had worked for a Japanese entrepreneur for 5 years, from 1988 to 1992. From there he learned entrepreneurship. Dayat father has already preparing him to become entrepreneurs. Then, in 1994 he decided to build their own business, under the name of PT Tridaya Eramina Bahari. Capitalized by the trust from his acquaintance, then he got a buyer from Japan.

In 1998, when financial crisis hit Indonesian economy, it gives some bless to some  exporters like Tridaya. The value of the dollar high rise, so it increased profits for exporters. Therefore Dayat then opened an news office in Jakarta. Currently, in addition to have an office in Jakarta, Tridaya has also had a fish processing factory in Bitung, Manado.

Besides exporting seafood product, now Tridaya also has begun export the types of farmed fish. "We also cultivate catfish," said Dayat. Tridaya have a flagship product of tuna, marlin, skip jack, swordfish, selfish, wahoo. The fish was exported in various forms. There are forms full body of fish, or fillet, fish loin or split 4 clean, cube, steak, souk or cubes. "It depends on customer demand," he said.

The varied sea fish are not captured by Tridaya itself, but Tridaya buy from local fish merchants, from Jakarta, Bali, Ambon, Bitung. Dayat control 30-40 merchants. Now, Tridaya able to export the average of up to 7 containers a month. The company employs 70 people.

Dayat said, the export market is very good. Most of his buyers are from Europe. "We export to France, Portugal, Germany, and Netherlands. There are also to Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam," Dayat said.  Now he continues to add his export capacity in order to can serve all order from his customers.

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